First Burn =D

I just built a new PC last week and with it my very first DVD burner (LiteOn 812S).

So far Ive only tried burning one DVD (using the DVD-R blank bundled with the drive).

I copied “The Hobbit” - single sided, single layer (start things out simple) using only DVD Decrypter, and it worked fine, and the DVD-R plays fine as a movie in the LiteOn drive and in my PS2.

Congrats & welcome to CD Freaks! :smiley:

your arent using an NForce chipset, are you?

Yeah I am. Why?

Some people have noted issues with Nvidia drivers.
Often the nero comparewith fail miserably.

I have an Nforce 2 chipset, but I haven’t experienced issues yet.
(I say yet, for it is sure to happen eventually)

Nforce2 chipset drivers have been know to be really troublesome. However, this has mostly been a problem with the earlier ones involving drivers for RAID/SATA/IDE devices…hard drives and optical drives not coming up correctly or working right(ex. coming up as scsi devices…data corruption, etc.). There were numerous other related problems(sound drivers…etc). I used to live in Abit’s nforce2 forum at one pt messing with a whole slew of issues(major problems and performance related problems).

Most of the problems have been hammered out by now for the current standard drivers if u’re pc is a new build.
Shouldn’t be a major issue for you hopefully.