First Burn 1673S@1693S KS04



Here is my first burn with a 1673@1693 (fourth burn overall, I haven’t had it very long). I used Code’s patched KS04, reset the eeprom and used Verbatim MCC003 discs. Started out great but about half-way through that all changed. Any advice or help would be appreciated.


Don’t know about you but I’ll be sticking with 1673s@JS07 after seeing that - heres a scan of same media on my 1673s (scanned on 1653s) - this burn at 6x but 8x only slightly higher pif (8x = max 2 / total 300 to 400).
See this link to 6x burn after reset learned media
I have problem with burns deteriorating but media reset restores quality. Others more expert than me may be able to help with reason for deterioration of your burn half way through. Hope you find an answer.


Unless I read wrong KS04 is the same as JS07 except they add -R support to KS04 in which case I’m just stuck with a craapy burner or 200 of what I thought were hi-quality discs that aren’t going to burn very well. Maybe it will get better as it learns.