First Blu-Ray Media Center features 1 Terabyte HDD storage

I just posted the article First Blu-Ray Media Center features 1 Terabyte HDD storage.

 D4rk0n3 used our news submit to tell us about a press release from AMEX that details some specs on  a nice looking Media Center with a Blu-ray drive inside. The system connects to a HD...
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Cool beans: Now shrink it down to five inches and make it $100 and ill buy one. Always wanted a tera of storage

Is this one single 1-terabyte (TB) drive or multiple 250±GB HDDs connected in something like a RAID-0?

there are no 1TB drives! largest one is 750 so my bet is this one has 2x500 :wink:

How do you know that a 1-TB drive definitely doesn’t exist? If a consumer can buy a 750-GB one right now, who’s to say the terabyte drives are far off? I wouldn’t be surprised if this company got ahold of some first-run 1-TB HDDs to put in these nice-looking devices… Now if it only didn’t have Windows, I may be ready to buy it!