First BenQ DVDRW Purchase: Need Advice

I have narrowed my choices down to a BenQ 1620 and a NEC 3520 for my first DVDRW Purchase.

As for benq’s, are all 1620 versions the same (pro, etc.)? I will be looking to purchase an OEM one for the best price, and from searching I have came to a conclusion that all of them perform the same with the updated firmware. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Also is the Dell “Philips DVD8631”, the same as the benq 1620? If I get one of these, will there be any compatibility problems with updating firmware,etc or will it perform just like a regular BenQ1620?

How does this drive matchup with the NEC3520? Knowing the 3520 is newer, and the 1620 has been on the market longer, will it be inferior? I am skeptical to get a 3520 from the lack of praise its getting compared to its 3500 predecessor. Considering the 3520 will most likely receive updated firmware down the line, will the 1620 BenQ be able to compete?

Finally, are any newer Benq drives going to come out really soon in the same price range as both these drives?? I’d hate to purchase this drive now, then regret it as a new drive comes out soon to match up with NEC.

Thanks in advance all!

I see the NU-163 is in stock on Newegg. However, I am told that its firmware is not updated as frequently. Can this drive be flashed into a fully functional Benq with the more frequently updated firmware?

Yes, just did it today.

How is the NU warranty and service? And was changing firmware hard?

Changing firmware is soft, but you will void your warranty.

You can always flash back though right? As long as I can get a fully functional 1620 with the more updated firmware, I don’t mind voiding the warranty. I hear that BenQ is always on time with its updated firmware… Will this continue to compete with the 3520, or is BenQ looking to release another drive?

I have the Nu-Technology DDW-163 myself. Flashed to B7T9 (You can use the official BenQ flasher for this now…) and it has been working wonderfully with no obvious problems that I can tell. :wink: