First Australian jail sentence for music piracy

I just posted the article First Australian jail sentence for music piracy.

NickSTAR used our newssubmit to tell us that Australia has it first music piracy criminal.

A 44 year old citizen of Melbourne has been sentenced for three months. The Australian goverment thinks…

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The aussies are nuts or what??? sentence some on to jail for possesing illigal music thats :r

Fuckin’ ‘ell - 400 to 600 poxy dollars, sumfin’ tells me they’ve busted-a-move on all da rapistz, robberz & other bad bwoyz - cos they clearly ain’t got nuffin’ better to do ! - pathetic tosserz :4

How does one copy vinyl records? That is a new one.

Hey! We ain’t nuts :9 The guy was selling illegal copies in his store, so you can’t have too much sympathy for him, or could you?

He is one of us… So that isn’t good but I don’t scare! How they can bust me because I don’t have anemys and I don’t sell copys on internet!!! :4

he wasnt one of us. he was some old imigrant who though he could make some extra money by ripping our country off. as i see it piracy for profit is not cool. they should of given him longer than 3 months. besides, i could train my pet kangaroo to connect the inputs and outputs of my system and press record. again, they should of extended his sentence for such a lame attempt at piracy. :r