First audio burn-last 3 tracks skip & crackle

I’m using Nero 5.5, TDK 48/16/48 on Win98SE w/384 MB RAM. I burned 18 tracks (72min). All’s good except the last 3. They’re trashed. It plays through, but the time counter freezes occasionally & the audio drops out, is distorted & crackles. The songs play fine as MP3’s on the PC.
I did a DOA burn, with the mp3pro plugin activated. No filters except “normalize”.
I’ve been surfing for answers. Ideas? Appreciate the help. Thanks.:bow:

This sounds like crap media what discs are you using or try a good brand of media.

What speed did you burn at…burning at slower than max…has an impact as well…a positive impact on less than “premium” media…:slight_smile:

I’m using TDK 48x 800min. I was reading today Taiyo Yuden & Ritek are probably best for audio. Any other suggestions? What about straight data storage and CDRW. I was thinking TDK hardware so TDK media.

I burned at 4x…I’d heard slower is sometimes better.

Later that night after I posted, I tried that CDR on a portable CD player…played clean all the way. It just won’t play past 50min on my home system…Sony CDP CX100 changer(the source of the problem is my guess).

But, I’m going toy with burn speeds & higher-grade media anyway.

Big Thanks for your input guys.


if your burning at 4x…it’s not a burn speed issue on that tdk48x

as for the tdk media…the label has nothing to do with who made the media. TDK Maxell Sony…and the rest outsource to a handful of media producers…come of which are crap, some pretty stable.

TY media is usually considered “premium media” for recording. If you use the search button up top, you can find tons of threads discussing what is good vs crap media…howto tell what media you “really” have…etc.

I’d have to agree, based on what your reporting, with Johnboywalton, crap media…:slight_smile:

Get your hands on some TY media and give it a try…let us know how you do…:iagree:

I’ll be researching media the next few days. I can’t afford to many 100 count spools of ‘bad” media. Although, I’m finding some of this is trial and error, with all brand/manufacturer confusion out there. The TDK 4800B manual is listing TDK, TY, Mitsui Chemical, Ricoh, Ritek & Princo as media to use. So far, it looks like manufacturer is the key, and not the brand. …keep you all posted in the near future and an “A+” to everybody here for running an informative and friendly forum. :bigsmile:

We’re all here to help and learn hoss…:slight_smile:

Goofs aside…regardless of brand name…you can glean alot about your blank media from the box…if it says made in japan…thats one thing…made in china…thats another…:slight_smile: “hint hint”

I finally got a 10pack of Fuji CDR (made in Japan zigzagman:cool: ) . Clean play all the way to the end! Thanks again!:slight_smile:

Originally posted by jlh
I finally got a 10pack of Fuji CDR (made in Japan zigzagman:cool: ) . Clean play all the way to the end! Thanks again!:slight_smile:

Welcome Hoss…Glad we could help…:iagree: