First and many Coasters on Plextor Premium - help?

Hi Guys,

I have a 1.5 year old Plextor Premium drive that has never turned out a coaster even once and I have burned at least 500 CDs easy on it.

However suddenly I am getting coasters using HP Branded 52 X Media.

The coasters occur using Nero Burning ROM to burn audio CDs. Each CD consists of two large WAVs at 30 mins each (they are conversions of speeches from tape)

the first three were if I deleted the files in a compilation and then replaced them and tried to Burn - Bufer under run proof would activate, the Burn Process would Start and suddenly I would get a Write Failure.

So I did the close and reopen in between every compilation routine.

Suddenly I got 2 on my first try of burning.

Any ideas of what the heck is going on? How may I troubleshoot it?

The firmware of the drive is 1.05

Thanks for any help yall can provide.


and you’ve burned that particular media (same spindle) before? sounds like crap media to me…

are you sure you’re creating a data disc instead of an audio cd? nero could be trying to convert the wavs and they’re not fitting on the disc.

HP 52x Media = CMC Magnetics, not exactly the best discs out there. Try some Verbatim Datalifeplus 52x, or Taiyo Yuden 48x media.

I just updated to the latest Nero for good measure.

This is the first time I have used this media. The person I am converting the tapes for provided the HP media from Microcenter I believe.

I am trying to burn them as Audio not Data and have made sure to never come close to filling any of the CDs.

I usually use TDK, Memorex, Maxell and the Office Depot Brand CDRs. I had to stop using Verbatim cause my father’s older Sony Stereo in his vehicle refuses to read them properly.

sounds like your drive doesn’t like the media…

Have you tried Gigarec set to 0.8 with the Verbatims? Supposedly that increases playability on old CD players.

Here are a few ideas:

  • HP brand 52X CD-R (CMC Magnetics) very likely need to be burned at lower speeds (40X or lower) with the Plextor Premium to yield acceptable quality. If you cannot switch to Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim media which are on the Plextor recommended media list, lower the burn speed, perhaps as low as 8X, to help reduce the error rates.
  • Check to ensure your Plextor Premium is still operating in UDMA mode 2. If for whatever reason Windows drops to PIO mode for this drive, BPrec will be activated repeatedly during burns.
  • Run Plextools Professional Q-Check C1/C2 test on your CD-R coasters and look for high C1 error rates and any C2 errors. Post the C1/C2 scan so everyone can have a look.
  • Run the self-test diagnostics on the Plextor Premium with a piece of Plextor recommended media (Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim/Mitsubishi Chemical, Maxell) to determine if the drive is functioning properly.

Why guess? Recent results here in Media forum indicate that 24x is the optimal speed for burning CMC media on the Plextor Premium.

thanks guys. I turned around and returned all the extra spindles I had…

I just got a spindle of Philips 52X…is that better? is there some place where one can quickly look up the reliability of CDR media before they purchase it?


Hehe, chances are likely that you got CMC media again.

I haven’t been CD-R hunting in nearly a year, the most consistent CD-R media you’ll find is Taiyo Yuden.

Find any Fujifilm packages that say “Made in Japan” on the label and you’re in business.