First 3 tracks bad

I hope I am in the right place to post. I have tried to burn 6 CD’s from music I have on my hard drive. The hard drive music plays perfectly well. But on all the CD’s, the first 3 tracks are garbled. I have tried 3 different softwares but all come out the same. The rest of the tracks on the CD play great. Just the first 3 are very bad.

Any ideas? Thanks


Welcome to cdfreaks.
Some more information would be helpful here. Remember we are trying to diagnose a fault by remote control.
What is the spec of your computer?
What drive are you using to make the burn?
What media are you using?
What file format are the tracks?
What burning programs have you tried?

Sorry -

Windows Xp Home
Pentium 4
Drive is Lite-On LTR-482465
Using Imation CD-R 650 MB discs
ATI File
Windows Media, CDBURNER XP Pro 3, Cheetah

Hope this helps. Again only the first 3 tracks are always bad. Rest are fine and so are all tracks on the hard drive.

Mistake above
Drive is Lite-On LTR-48246 S

Is it possible for a stack of CD’s to all be bad?

It is possible but unlikely.
To make sure can you try and burn on a different make or batch of discs.
I usually use a rewritable discs when having problems, saves some money! :slight_smile:
Download and try Nero burning rom ver 6.6.14 trial and try that out.
I have never used the Microsoft burner so I don’t know much about it.

Thanks. As you suggested, I tried a different CD make and it now works. Guess my older ones are bad.