First 24x 10x 40x drive is out!

I just posted the article First 24x 10x 40x drive is out !!!.

Sanyo Electric releases the first OEM 24x10x40x CDR/RW drives

Sanyo, one of the leaders in Optical drive development and production has just start shipping the new drive to its OEM…

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I Need this Drive :8

how about a faster re-write drive? x10 seems to be getting old ?!

usa_dewd… I cant believe your complaining about the 10x. Dude this is now at the point where it can burn CD’s as fast as you can read them with R. 10x is still a great speed. The 4x I’m lumbered with is what is old :frowning:

Im waiting to get my PLextor 16x after having the HP 9100i and selling it… Not only am I getting twice the speed what I had before plus 2x on the RE-Write side, but Im getting burnproof which is whats lacking with the Sony/HP drives… Dont get me wrong I love the HP/Sony drives and never had a problem with them but PLextor with the Burn-Proof seems like a more logical choice at this point…

COOOOOOOL :4 Sanyo rulez I look forward to Plextors drive based on the drive mechanism form this one !

Don`t like the small buffer sizes…only 2mb on a 24X burner - That means you will HAVE to use the burn-proof abilty. Burn-proof is after all not as good as a contiously burned disc !

so does anyone know if there will be scsi versions of the plex 24x ?

Even when the Plextor comes out I dont plan to rush out and upgrade to it. Fuck them, why do I want to buy a drive that cannot support RAW mode at all. At least with my 12432TSi I know I can do RAW mode by simply going back to a previous Firmware. You guys buying new plextors aint gonna be able to so your gonna be screwed when it comes to copying certain things. I used to love plextor, now, like a bitter partner, I hugely dislike them - Giving in to industry pressure and dropping RAW support.

Kuso!!! I just got my yamaha 40 16 10… and now 24x is out… damn when are they gonna stop… Any faster and 1 the cds will melt, 2 the drives and cdroms won’t be able to keep up!!!

hey, this thing burns at 3.6mb per second by some basic maths - that’s a cd in three minutes. a 16x would do the same in 4mins. to be honest i’m finding it hard to believe that all but the people who burn several hundred a day (and be honest guys, you don’t burn THAT many) aren’t going to be able to justify this price tag. the manufacturers are going to have to be careful because one day they’ll release a 40x writer and no-one will buy it - they’ll go bust!