First 16x Burns w/ 1653S CS0P

Hey guys. my first burn of a 16x Media. Bought two packs of 25 Vrebatim DVD+R 16x @ Circuit City for $9.99 each. The media code is MCC-004, which from the forums, has a good reputation so far. Im attatching a burn speed graph and a KProbe scan@ 4x. The scan is not that great, perhaps because it is the first disc I have put through my burner of this media code.

PIF looks good for 1653s @16x media. i’ve had very bad quality burns with mcc004 that’s why i changed back to mcc003. mcc004, even burnt @8x, give worse quality than mcc003 at same speed.

BYX4 has pi=<300 with mcc004 but that’s not acceptable.

Maybe it will get better as my drive learns the calibration and laser positioning for that media. its worth a shot. as long as it is readable in my drive, I will be alright.

either my 1633@1653CS0P is better then yours :stuck_out_tongue: , or infini MCC04 is better than Verbatim :rolleyes:

where were the discs made? singapore o taiwan?

my verbatim mcc004 behaves very badly with CS0P, i am currently burning them with CS09 at 8x only.

can you try also making a read speed test with Nero CD-DVD Speed?

I used the same media as you, 1213@1653S CS0P and it turned out a bit better then you. Same PIF, however max of around 250 PI. Then again that’s only one disc, havn’t tested more extensively. It was burned at 16x and read at 4x.

Sadly my xbox had trouble reading the disc (as it did with 8x memorex discs). I’m hoping maxell’s work out better.

I ordered a spindle of Verbatim MCC04, I will let you know how it works compare to my Infiniti which work fine!!!

Well like I said, mine are identical to his, except about 250max PI. Btw you need to measure your discs with KProbe, you can’t compare the results of Nero’s Quality disc scanner with Kprobe results, they’re just a lot different.

Na it’s over now!!! Nero CD/dvd speed work just great now!!! I think I still have the same disc somewhere. I will give you a Kprobe scan !!

edit: sorry I found the disc but it is totally scratched so I can’t scan it again!

I don’t disagree with that, I think Nero’s scan is great. What I’m trying to say is, his scans (the guy who made this thread), was with Kprobe. He only used Nero to do a burn speed test. So in order to compare results, you need to do your tests with Kprobe. Nero’s quality scan results are different from Kprobe scan results, so you can’t compare them. You need to compare Kprobe to Kprobe, Nero to Nero.

ok, i need to burn a dvd, so mcc004 it is at 16x with csom and i will do a kprobe and post

nero and kprobe are comparable. if you scan a disc more than one time both programs will show different results each time.

here is a scan i just did

i am going to wipe my whole drive, reinstall csom even tho i currently have that but i tweaked it

so back to csom stock and media reset soon to come :slight_smile:

csom 16x burn scan :slight_smile:

sorry, computer issues. Grrr. The discs are made in Taiwan. Im going to try a burn at 12x and see what happens. Hopefully, that will solve my problems. I will run a transfer speed test and a KProbe scan on the 12x disc.

Okay. Here is the speed and scan. MUCH better on the scan side. Speed can be dealt with. I think the drop in burn speed made the diffreence. Good results.

Lol here is why Lite-ON drives are capped at 8x reading speed for DVD+R/DVD-R. Nose Dives in the reading speeds lol. Might be a good idea to cap yours again, I mean unless you aren’t noticing any problems.

Probally my biggest disapointment with the 3rd Generation (1213S, 1653S ect…). Should be able to read at 16x if its bloody burning at that speed lol.

Ouch… I just did a test burning those Verbatim discs at 12x instead of 16x… Ended up with slightly better results, but nothing compared to burning Maxell discs at 8x (which scored 95 on Nero Quality).
I’ll post some images soon (with Both 12x and 16x burns).

as i said in other posts, my MCC004 burn well only at 8x with CS09 firmware…

deffintitly need to work on these more

its hit or miss, one disc will burn great, then the next so so

Back to old drive thread, but still in use by many people, and my request about MCC004 @16x or 12x

-Does somebody try a test with change any strategies -For eg. as I have read in other forum, a change to RicohJPn03 or YUDEN000-T03 do good burn using CS0M firmware -Can been confirm with CS0P ?