First 1000:1 LCD monitor from Samsung

Only 17 and 19 inch yet.

CX714T is 17-inch and CX911T is 19-inch. It has been rumored for a while but Samsung officially announced the two models today. I’m not sure why Samsung chose Sunday instead of Monday for such an important news release. Perhaps they wanted it to be within October, 2004.

Another picture from a public display on Oct 27 in Seoul.

Both are limited at 1280*1024 resolution.

Meanwhile, Samsung included S250 cam-phone in a Chinese international expo as well in late October. There’s already an S250 user forum in one of SK’s mobile phone sites. It has a 16 million color QVGA TFT-LCD. S250 only costs 30% more than my LG 3500. LG and another competitor, formerly a Hyundai company are also ready for 4-mega or 5-mega cam-phone but they are not as ambitious as Samsung.

Forget the monitor, I want what’s behind it!!

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