Firmwareupdate PX-716, 755, 760 and Autostrategy



Plextor Japan has released a statement on how to handle the existing Autostrategy database when upgrading the Firmware on a PX-716, PX-755 and PX-760:

Mechanical translation:

The request regarding PX-716/755/760 series firmware update.

The request regarding “PX-716/755/760 series” firmware update The プレクスター product the patronage granting thank you always truly. When until recently drew up the media data base which was drawn up or automatically remains from AutoStrategy function, there is a possibility function of the new firmware not operating sufficiently. After doing even, when there is a problem in entry grade, that deletion it receives the former media database with PlexTools Professional of product attachment, we ask firmware update.

To sum it up in a sentence: Plextor recommends to delete an already existing Autostrategy database using Plextools before applying a firmware-update to the drive in question, since the old database might not work properly with the new firmware.


thx for the info!


I think this should be stickied.


or put into the FAQ.


Speaking of the 755 and AutoStrategy, I noticed something interesting today. I deleted my AS database for the upgrade to firmware 1.04 and had to recreate the entries for my media. This time however, for the 8x media that can be oversped (like MCC003, YUDEN000T02 etc) I didn’t do a 12x burn for the first burn with AS set to auto but rather an 8x burn. Thus, the entries in AS were set to 8x. When I later tried to do a 12x burn with these discs with AS turned on, I got an 8x burn! See below. I did a 12x burn of RICOHJPNR02 with AS off and it indeed burned at 12x, so it seems best to create the AS entry with the max speed of the MID.


Yes I agree and will get it added to the Faq’s once I figure out how. I am in agreement with GF that he would like to keep sticky threads to a minimum. Too many lose there effectiveness as a sticky thread. Feel free to PM me if you think otherwise. :slight_smile:


It’s been added to the FAQ. Thanks for the information guys!


I noticed this too, but if you create a strat your self (destructive mode and maybe non-destructive mode"I haven’t used non destructive yet") for 8x media that can be oversped to 12 it list it as 12.





As said in other threads not only that my brandnew 755A makes strange sounds, I messed this one up too. I did NOT clear the AS database of the drive :a and upgraded from 1.01 directly to 1.05.

I did the update even before inserting a single disc (or knowing what is in the AS database by the way). But this fact doesn’t save me from having made a big mistake, since strangely I had a “MCC 004-0 8x” entry in the AS still before inserting any disc into the drive. I don’t know how this entry is possible in a brandnew 755. I also don’t know if that MCC004 entry was in the AS database befor the update to firmware V1.05.

Question/Issue 1: Where did that MCC004 entry come from in a then brandnew, never used drive?

Question/Issue 2: Can I fix the not having cleared the AS database issue by simply clearing the MCC004 entry now, after the firmware update, OR should I better clear the MCC004 entry and reflash with V1.05 again?

Thank you soooo much!!! :slight_smile:


No idea. Either Plextor started delivering drives with AS strategies pre-installed (unlikely) or the drive was used/tested by someone else before.

Yes, just clear it. No problem. The big idea here is not to use a strategy created by an old FW with a newer one. Deleting the database after a FW-update assures that in the same way as deleting before an update would.


Thanks hwp.

AS Entry: The drive had an unbroken seal of the silver, european retail box kind. No chance that it’s a returned drive. I definitely have to ask Plextor about this.

not clearing AS database mistake: I see. I will delete the entry and leave it by that.


I have a Px-755a and prefer FW 1.02 because the device buffer stay stable on 97% (with FW 1.05 it jumps between 10% and 94%).
Would it be necessary to delete all entries in the AS database upon downgrading firmware???


IMHO yes, even more so when downgrading.

While a new FW might be backward compatible and know how to use an older strategy still stored in the memory, an older FW has no chances to know about what a newer FW did/meant when storing that strategy.

Also there is nothing really to be lost by deleting the existing database except for having to invest about 30 extra seconds on the next first burn of a media to create a new strategy again. An event that could happen anyway anytime due to media quality variation. So do not hesitate to delete the database whenever you change the FW.