firmwareTeac DV-W58Ga to liton SoHW-812s really efficient?

Hi ! I’ve got a TEAC DV-W58G-A and a lot of media compatibility problems.
I tried PRINCO, MAXDATA, BULPAQ… No one is ok, and it cost me a lot :frowning: .

I’ve read on another forum that the teac recorder is in fact a liteon sohw-812s and the possibility to change the teac firmware by the liteon. There were no more details, so, if someone tried it, can he explain how to do the change and if its really effective. THANKS :slight_smile:
Ps: sorry about my english speaking.

Use FlashFix to patch the latest official Liteon firmware so that it will flash your Teac drive.

I’ll try it and post the results…Thanks.

I did it ! It works, my teac recorder is now able to burn the different dvd medias. I’m so happy ! Now i must check if the teac with liteon firmware is still able to make working backups of protected games (I’ve burn a full working backup of battlefield vietnam with the teac firmware). Thanks again !