FirmwareProb. AD-7590A ? DRX-S70U

Wanted to get the latest rpc1&riplocked pathched Firmware for the AD-7590A form Liggy&Dee’s Page
The officially latest FW. that i found was ver.1.05

Now, since on Liggy’s Page the newest Firmware for the DRX-S70U is listed for flashing with the 7590 can i asume it’s same hardware:confused:?

Anyway now, guessing from modification date in the WritingStrategieList - the latest Version might be the 1.D6, as found on the DRX-S70U-page from sony - and what’s about the 1.j0 where’s that from :oand what’s the dirrerence

Thanks :bow: for any help in advance…merci

According to the WritingStrategieList, writing strategy from 1.05 and Sony DRW-S70U 1.D6 are the same if I remember correctly.

Since i don’t know if DRW-S70U is ata or sata internal (probably sata, nowadays all is sata !), I don’t bother trying flashing my 7590A with S70U firmware, and stuck with Liggy’s 1.05 for AD-7590A, that work like a charm.

But now we are waiting for Liggy :flower: because I also have an AD-7590S^^