How do I find out which firmware I’m using. I have 2 types of disc RiDisc DVD-R which I beleive is G04 and Datawrite DVD+R by the way I have a BTC 1008. If I write a disc with the DVD+R everything is Ok however on using the DVD-R although they go through the copy procedure they will not play either in my DVD rom or standalone. I think I did get some to work but only by recoding in Nero if that makes sense Any ideas

The DVD+ are RICOHJPNR01 and the DVD- are RITEKG04

To find out your firmware version, just use Nero Infotool or DVDInfoPro. The latest avaliable for BTC 1008 is v0758. I think you’d better update if you haven’t done it yet.

The firmware is 0458 which I’m reluctant to change as I only have a problem with DVD-G04 which isn’t in the new firmware list

RitekG04 is in the 1008 supportlist

so try to flash and hope, but i think that the media is the problem riteks are really bad in the last time.

I’ve had some success with them but it is hit and miss, I’m afraid to flash in case I do something and them nothing will work, maybe I’ll just stick with getting the RICHO JPNR01 it’s a shame though as the DVD- are a lot cheaper, I think they worked when I used the re-code in Nero but as I fiddled around so much I’m not sure, maybe you can recommend a DVD- that you have used with success Thanks

I’ve had success with PRODISCS03 with my 1004.
Right now instead I’m using RICOHJPNR02 with awesome results! :slight_smile:
Anyways, i think you’d better update your drive’s FW anyway. In the worst case, you’ll have as good burns as with your current FW!

I have the best results with my 1008 and ritekG04 with the 0357 firmware version. I use NERO
Its the bes combinaison I fund for RitekG04.


Paris, France.

Ritek G04 quality is very variable at the moment. I wouldn’t reccomend this kind of disks for backups ATM.

Where do you get these from?
And what are thay labelled as?
Do you burn at 8x?

I hope you read a bit of German. If so, have a look
at this website.

Regards, Martin A

I bought these at Nierle Media.
They’re labelled as Platinum 8x DVD+R (they’re 8x certified) and I’ve burnt many of these @ 4x on my 1004 and @ 8x on my NEC-2500.

I’ve looked here before, but can’t seem to find any way of searching for more than just ricoh.

In addition to searching for EAN/UPC codes, you can search for either seller (“Anbieter”) or manufacturer (“Hersteller”), and you will be provided with a list of media.

From this list, clicking on the cover pic on the left will call up a window showing medium details, including the MID (“Hersteller-Code”) and some other very useful information like article bar code etc.

Hope this helps.

Regards, Martin A

Edit: “clicking” instead of “double-clicking”

I find that the Hersteller-Code will only allow a choice from a predefined list. ie ricoh rather than ricohjpnr02.

Search for “Hersteller” = Ricoh and eat your heart out (73 hits).

In contrast, if you search for “Anbieter” = Ricoh, you have only 7 hits.

The reason behind this is that most, if not all, media manufacturers will sell their products to a number of companies which in turn will market these media under their own brand name.

So, media produced by Ricoh will ultimately be marketed not only by Ricoh themselves but also under the brand names Emtec, Sony, Memorex, RiData and so on.

The beauty of the Mediamatch database is that it will let you see which MID you can expect when you buy a pack of media of a given brand, even down to the bar code on that pack.

Regards, Martin A

Yes, but this gives a list which could be ricohjpnr00, ricohjpnr01 or ricohjpnr02.

It seems like you’d have to examine every one to see if it’s 02 (which is of particular interest as OC Freak reports it to be one of the few reliable media for 8x with the 1008).

Right, this is some homework you’d have to do yourself. Still, I find it acceptable - at least much more acceptable than opening a fresh pack of media and getting a nasty surprise because it turns out the beasts are not compatible to my burner.

Signing off for today and going home… :stuck_out_tongue:

Regards, Martin A