hey ho !

I heared about a “cracked” Firmware for Yamaha Recorders to support writing errors or even RAW-DAO but couldn’t find it on the web! Anyone has a clue for me ???


Sorry but I don’t.
If you find something, please post it here since I got also a Yamaha CRW4416S and it sure would be nice to write RAW!!



I don’t think it is possible, sorry. I lookt everywhere for somthing like that but it just doesn’t exist.


Yes it is !

Probably i recive a Patcher in the next 2-3 Days :wink: !!
When i have it i’ll post it here !

cya Max


netsurfer - you go ahead and apply the patch to your drive…but don’t come crying back when it doesn’t write anymore because you screwed up the firmware. just a warning.


Hey ! I’m not stupid :wink: First of all I have to get the Patch, then I’ll see. If it does not work, I hope i can replace it with an original Firmware. Btw i have an good old Yammaha 400t. I payed about 130$ for it, so who the matters ?!

PS.: I’ll post the outgoing here !


Wll what can i say, i am almost sure about one thing, i wont work. i emailed Yamaha and asked about this with yamaha writers and RAW they said that its impossiblie, but hey if u get it to work. GIVE GIVE GIVE i want it, i have a “new” yamaha 8424s and it needs to get “upgraded” to understand everything about RAW… )

Best Regards


hey, I mailed Yamaha too, but didn’t get any reply !
I’m sure this is possible, because the Yamaha drives claim to be full MMC compatible (Instead to e.g. Teac’s which aren’t MMC Compatible). Concerning this, it would only be a “Software” problem to support RAW !
Another thing is that not supporting RAW-DAO is a violation of the MMC Standart ! Tell this your recorder manufacturer :wink: !


Netsurfer >>> it sounds that u know yr thing, ok pls let me know what happend with the flashing thing, i am intrested!.. but hey if it dont work its just to reflash with the old firmware!..

Best Regards


Bad News !

I heard from someone, who knows someone who tested a patch for a yamaha recorder ! It didn’t work and unlucky guy has a very expensive CD-ROM now ! I didn’t heard more about this. I don’t know if he was able to restore the old firmware, either. Maybe i get some news in a few days.

laterz, NeTsurFer


Hey NetSurfer , don,t worry about messing up your recorder. I messed up during a firmware update, a couple of months ago (it crashed during upgrading) , causing my yamaha (4416) to stop writing. I flashed the firmware again on another pc, and there…problem solved!
By the way have you guys heard about making our 4416 drives write at x6???
Please keep us informed…



Hey NetSurfer what happened???
Did you try it???
If you did’t i am willing to do so…
just tell me where to get the patch from!


I willing, too. The guy who did it wanted to mail me the patch, but I recieved no mail from him for days. When I have it ill send it to you.


Have not read the whole post so don’t judge me on that but i post some links here check 'm out??

Yamaha CDR 2216E

under DOS
v1.0g or v1.0g
under Windows

Yamaha CDR 4416E

v1.0g (under DOS)
v1.0g (under Windows 95/98)



No ! U better read the whole posts. We are about a “hacked” firmware to support RAW for Yammy drives


listen to me: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS THIS FIRMWARE UPGRADE THAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR. i emailed yamaha systems page and this is the reply that i got: “We regret to inform you that we have no plans to implement MMC raw writing on any of our drives at the moment. We hope we have been of help to you on this issue.” there you have it.


Hey Squage !

I know that Yamaha will not implement RAW Writing. We are searching for a “hacked” Firmware, not a one from Yamaha itself. Check out rumors at :

Hacked CD-R Bios…( by Pirahna…)

“…I once saw, a hacked BIOS in .BIN format waiting to be BURNED on the PROM for a
Yamaha CD-R 100, this hacked version for that specific writer, would allow the CD-R to
not auto correct (CRC), of tracks when written in RAW mode, hence, writing a CD for
example for PlayStation that would not even need a MOD Chip, anyone here, that is good
enough at disassembling a Yamaha 4260 1.0g Bios, to enable, this restriction of writing
RAW Read CD that the CD-R won’t Auto Correct, allowing a perfect backup to be made


Hey Squage, why are you so anoyingly negative??
Do you think you know everything???
We did’t accept anything as a fact , we just heard of the rumours and try to figure out if they are more than rumours!

If you realy want to express your opinion ,just say that YOU haven’t found anything until now…ok??