I have locked my DVD Rom on region 1 (Matshita SR 8586) and I want it to be region free,however there is a firware patch available and I have downloaded it but I am not sure how to install the patch… any help would be appreciated.

Oh I get an error message if I try to install the patch with Windows or DOS box within windows, it tells me the I should install it in real DOS mode, whatever that is???

Thanks in anticipation

Jomo the man


Just restart the machine and start in dos mode it´s easy and thats all :cool:


if your still clue-less from the above message, before booting into windows, press f8 (untill you get a selection to boot into windows, safe mode, dos, ect), and select dos (command prompt) --f8 didnt work? try using the windows startup disk. If you didnt make one, you can create one from within windows. :Þ