i have a sony crx140e on firmware 1.0c and i was wondering where i could update cause
ezcd5 doesnt seem to be able to detect a cd in the drive and such???
im operating on win2k

if you read a comment about that progie I sugest that you take an other program e.g. cdwin, nero, clonecd

Do not waste any time just burn :))

its the sogftware that came with my burner

There are known problems with ECDC5 working in Win2000; Roxio has promised, to refund money when the prog don’t work correctly; read news on the mainpage
In the meantime, I suggest you to try Nero; dl aspi32.dll from their site too.

Use Nero! It’s an order! :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Kay
Use Nero! It’s an order! :slight_smile:

I agree :smiley: Get Nero at
The latest version is and it works great… I love it!