Need firmware for Liteon DvD RW SH-16A7s. Cant seem to find this anywhere.Any help would be appreciated,Thanks.


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What for? Is there any problem with the drive?

Cant seem to find this anywhere.
There is indeed no firmware available on Liteon website. Possibly the drive is too new. So you have to be patient.
Or check



It seems all of a sudden my computer can not find the dvd drives.I just had this thing built from scratch.It worked a couple of days then all of a sudden this happened. My Sony DRU800a did the same thing.I took that out and still cant get the CP to recognize the liteon sata.Thought the sony IDE was screwing up things but not the case.I am using Vista Prem. Home.Intel MOB.Has all the goodies.


Try updating your SATA drivers. If they’re old, they’ll only support SATA HDD’s. I’ve had that problem.



Please check all cables if they are thoroughly secured and double-check your BIOS settings: Optical drives must not be connected to IDE or SATA ports that are configured as RAID.
Also try to remember if you have installed any drivers or software that might influence your drives.



Ok got it down to a software problem. The drive will work if I boot Vista right from the CD. Any known software to screw up my Sata and Ide Dvd drives? I am removing stuff that I have since loaded on my cp but it still will not recognize my DVD drive.


This is crazy,I just plugged in A Liteon LH 20A1HX external DVD Burner and the computer does not recognize this either what the hell is going on .Will not recognize Any of my DVD Drives internal or external.