Hi Guys,

Is there anyone who can enlighten with the necessay inforamtion. I recently bought a LG GSA 4167B, firmware DL 10,manufactured July 2005. It worked perfectly for almost two months and stopped. It now neither read nor write the DVD & or CD medium, brands does not make a difference. I have been reading a lot about the LGs and learned a few things.I now want to upgrade the firmware to DL13 but i am not too certain what is the real benefit in doing so. (2) I do not know how to proceed in upgrading my firmware and where to get the upgrade. Can some be so grateful in helping me to solve these problems . Thanks.

One benefit of flashing to DL13 is that it rectifies an audio problem (not sure if said problem was present in DL10, though)…also it allows for better media recognition.

As for upgrading the firmware…you can get DL13 here. As a general rule, I usually flash any drive in Safe Mode, and you MUST make sure the power isn’t interrupted during the process. It should be just as easy as clicking the firmware .exe and running it (I have flashed my own 4167).

They also say to have your drive alone on an IDE cable (I think), but I’ve successfully flashed my two LGs, one as master on an IDE, the other as slave.

I’m a little unsure if it would help your problem, though you could try it and see.