I have a problem with copying FACE OFF I am useing ANYDVD along with 1 Click, DVDXCOPY, DVDFAB, AND DVD cloner-2. All will down load to 98% than stops. I tryed another FACE OFF move with the same results. I can copy any new releases with no problem but it seems like some of the older movies I have this problem. I can tell you that i shut down all other programs when i copy. I am not sure about what firmware is for. I believe if i update it for my NEC 2500A it is only for reading differant media. Would that be right and my unit is one year old with no updates to firmware. Do you think this would help!! Thanks for any reply!!! :bow:


have you tried clonedvd2 from

use it along with anydvd and see if your face off back up works


Can you drag and drop the VIDEO_TS folder from the optical drive to your desktop and use the shrink program to process the movie?