Can anyone tell me what firmware is and if I need it for my DVD burner?



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Do a Search from the bar above saying “firmware (name and model # of your burner)”

Do a lot of reading before attempting any firmware changes-



yep as bigmike said do a lot of reading and search the forums for your particular device.

Firmware is the equivalent of drivers for your hard drive, it may help to fix particular problems, may even change the speeds u can burn at etc etc etc

before u upgrade it though you should make sure that you understand what changes it will be making and also whether these changes are going to benefit you.

If it aint broke dont fix it !!


Call me a newbie but I still don’t understand why someone would need firmware?


Hi and welcome here at CDF,

The Firmware of a DVD+/-R(W) drive contains a lot of important and for a “good” burn required information (Media ID, write strategy, media specific write speeds,…) of CD or DVD+/-R(W) DL medias. The companies are updating the firmware to add new types of media, to change something for already supported medias (if they notice some problems) or to add new features (such as DVD-R DL support or DVD+R DL speed upgrades). You need to update the firmware when you want your drive to get support for all this changes and new medias.

Hope this answer is enough. :slight_smile: