Hi im a little confused I have a Nec 3500
And i got Herries firmware 2,17 and my nec works find.
But i wonder if i need a newer firmware to the Nec 3500
And wich one do you recomend.
I am sorry i started a new post about firmware but i need to no wich one to use and what the diffrents are against others.
I hope there is somebody that can help me and will link me to a good firmware

It depends on what you want the firmware to do!

Do you want Bitsetting on +R/+RW, do you want Riplock removed, do you want Region free, do you want more media to be recognised, do you want to burn faster on selected media?

If your drive is burning fine and you don’t need to rip DVD’s or bitset them, then the official 2.18 firmware should be fine.

If you want modded firmware your going to have to read these: (Quickee 2.28 V3 Beta1) (Liggy/Dee V2 Beta1)

These add features like Riplock removal, bitsetting, Region free and media speedups!

Read those posts, and if you decide to use them, it’s at your own risk!


You should be good to go with the Herries 2.17 (I use it also)-

My experience has been that with the more conservative and lower speed writing that you get a better burn on good media - get bitsetting and region free-

What more could you ask for?

Happy Burnin’