Firmware writing program

which one do plextor use to write for the 716 series?

Most firmware is writen in C++ i believe.
They will then use a compiler to suit the CPU in the drives chipset to compile the firmware.

yes but they are outputed to another program be4 the compiler… its needed to know be4 you are able to decompile it :wink:

As far as i know, Plextor firmware is scrambled :slight_smile:
I guess they don’t want people messing with there firmware.

Firmwares are written in C/C++ and are scrambled after compilation, not before.

all software can be decompiled… even after running safesource… all safesource protects if from novice users… big corperations have better compilers which will do the job still…

but you need to know which compiler was used in the first place…

What about you stop talking about things you don’t know about and just ask
for the scrambling tool ?

spath you do know programs are compiled platform dependent and x86 alone has over 12 different compilers

They code their firmwares in C++?!

Smeg, the code must be huge! I thought they did it in ASM, or maybe C… but C++?!
No wonder it’s so buggy!

LOL did you ever code anything in any kind of ASM? THAT would be buggy

i highly doult its c, its possible to be c++, or c#

c# being the logical path since this is the company defying everyone else… and showing they are just that much better

doesn’t matter anyways once passed to the compiler it gets translated no matter what lanuage you use :wink:

C++ what for? For object programming ?
C++ is useless to firmware coding.
ANSI C maybe it depend of what is given by those guy that patent a standards of writing.

It is like a motherboard with has a reference construction made by a chipset vendor and it is only changed by corporations (ASUS,Epox,Abit etc) to suit it requirements.

Some of very importatn sections I beleve is written in ASM which is the best language to program any device -> what you programm it will work as you coded. Not depend on witch compilator you have and/or version of compiler.

I program some of devices (Atmel processors) and very rarely use a C to write a firmware. Only on alarm-centrall I use it because I must finish quickly :smiley:

I guess you must have seen some source code for DVD drive firmware then? :rolleyes:

its actually comes down to how agressive the company is we write alot of our code in c# or managed c++. The actual c code we had we migrated it bc its alot more bulkier and harder to manage when you have thousands of lines of code…

c# is becoming standard pratice

As some other people said here, C++ and C# are completly NOT needed to code firmware. C++ is ANSI C + object orientation and C# is C++ + .NET framework (and some other high level additions)… The original ANSI C is all you need to code drivers or firmwares (or low level programs in general).
And you can not decompile all languages. You can only disassemble them! If we could decompile anything why is there a huge OpenSource Community? F.e. we could simply decompile Windows and make it bugless. :smiley:
So I think, C could be used for writing firmwares, but I think mostly the manufacturers will use ASM (it’s the best low level language, because you give directly the opcodes to the processor).

Alright, let’s stop the newbie guessing contest. I have read and written a
dozen drive firmwares, all in C and C++ ; now if someone has actually used or
seen another language for drive firmware code, he’s welcome to step in. The
rest of you can keep their comments about what is useless, standard or silly for

What compilers are you using for compiling firmware?

if you really wanted to you could write managed code, it really doesn’t matter once it gets compiled

anyways i got it it works… and what did someone say it didn’t support it??