Firmware won't flash as bootcode doesnt match



I’ve got a drive which reports as AD-7710H 1.V0 I downloaded the firmware for this drive which was listed as 1.01. file bootcode 0x3033 doesnt match drive bootcode of 0x3034. Identified drive 176-3034 Detected drive from firmware 176-3033 Am I looking at things wrong? Should I have downloaded the firmware file listed for drive AD-7700H 1.V0 i.e. the firmware version matches my drive even though the drive is older? I’m worried that if I keep trying different versions, one might be accepted which is close enough to load, but corrupts my drive. Many Thanks


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I’m moving your thread into the Optiarc forum, where I hope you’ll get more informed replies.


Thanks. I was a little overwhelmed by the choice of forums available.


Your drive seems to have a different hardware revision and an updated bootcode compared to that 1.01 firmware. Could you dump your current firmware and send it to me, so I can have a look and add patches? I will provide you my email address in a PM.

Binflash has a couple of internal checks that should make sure that a firmware you are allowed to flash is compatible with the drive. Also the drives do have some internal checks, so the risk of damaging your drive is rather low.


Hi Liggy,

Thanks for your message, I sent you an email earlier today as requested.


Is there a patch available? I’ve checked the AD-7710H firmware page, but there hasn’t been any new ones added.



Nope. No patching before my holiday which starts in one week from now