Firmware - which do I have



How can I find the firmware version I have?

My A760GX had Jan 2007 as a manufacturing date stamped on the box.
The firmware on the LiteOn site is dated Dec 2006 but the version is not clear.

Is there a list of changes to firmware listed anywhere.
Mine is a UK model.


you could try the free tool ‘VSO Inspector’ or ‘DVDIdentifier’,
both programs will indicate your drives firmware


:disagree: The A760GX is a DVDR, not a PC drive.


Most of the Lite-On machines have a label on the back with the SN no. on it. If not look on the TV screan at the setup menue.


I have a S/N in the format XXXX-XXXX-0028-XXXX (XXXX-XXXX)

I’ve assumed the 3rd section is the version and the current file on the LiteOn site has 28 in it so I wont upgrade.

What do the other parts of the s/n mean ?


Try using search, there was a post about it a long time ago.


I could only find a few posts but none describe the values I have …

0152-4241-0028-BC70 (2E31-010F)


You have version 028 of the firmware which, as you have found out, the latest available version.