Firmware VS EEPROM

Hello all…

I hate to sound new, but I have never found this question answered very well (and yes, I did try “search”, after 1/2 hour, I became rather frustrated).

Could someone who is familiar with the terms please correct me if I am wrong?

The low-level drive software, including read/write strategies.

Calibration information specific to the drive.

Okay… assuming that is true, I am going to take the leap of faith that using the windows flashing program to update the firmware (hacked or not) that this does not affect the EEPROM.

I ask this question is that because although my 851@832 works like a total champ after the Codeguys firmware upgrade, my JLMS-HD166S does not read burned disks nearly as well as it did before I flashed it (and re-flashed back to the original firmaware) of the Dangerous Brothers read hack (the 12x one) as measured with NERO CD-DVD Speed utility.

The drive seems to work fine, plays movies fine, is there anything wrong? I could buy a new drive and stick this one in the kid’s machine… just needed to know if I screwed up, or what.



Firmware is stored in a giant eeprom called flash memory… This is what you upgrade when they release a new bios and yes it stores the drive operating system…

The eeprom is a very small flash and usually contains just a few bytes of data… Like your network card has an eeprom with like 20 bytes in it, usually the network card ID which is different for every single network card in the world. (unlike an IP address which can change)… Seems Liteon uses this eeprom area to say what kind of drive it is as well as the drive serial number, number of burns the drive has done and some burning calibration data like angle of the laster, power etc… See the angle of the laser is different for every single drive made since you can not mechanically fit something and have it come out the same on every single piece and this angle is what is stored using precision measuring equipment. I think good software using feed back can calculate this but maybe the liteon method is more reliable and accurate. (maybe since so many people are having problems with their drives maybe their precision measuring device is caput). Which is why you dont chaneg this data. But liteon also stores some data from previous burns for more accuracy. Using all this data is how it burns a disk. Changing any one will screw up a burn. Reading shoul dnot be nearey as demaning as you can always use feed back to adjust the laser to get better syncing data. But if the drive does not do that and uses data stored in the eeprom which was destroyed then well…