Firmware versions



Was looking on some website I got from here, with a ton of firmwares for writers and rom drives. I got curious, it says for my Sony DDU 1612 there are Dell and Mad Dog ‘Genuine’ firmwares. What is the difference and what havok would it cause if I write out the wrong version to my Rom drive? Not to mention how do I tell if mine would take the Dell or Mad Dog or what ever ‘Genuine’ version? Thanks!



Flash with the wrong firmware and your drive will become a doorstop.

Post the actual firmware or better a full output from Discinfo.


Ah! Here we go, ok. Let me see…

Firmware Version: DYS3
Vendor Specific:
Extra Info: none

Then the rest is about the region stuff and speed, 40x cd, so I am having to guess 16x DVD but it don’t say. Well, looks like this is the latest, was hoping for a new firmware that would have a gentler spin up to reduce the slip issue, but guess not. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks! Now to wait for a reply on my other post so I can get new drives.



Try here:


<peeks> Which says mine, the DYS3 is the latest and that’s what mine is already. If someone would get back to me on a make / model of a solid, reliable, quiet dvd-rom drive I’ll price it out and get it soon to replace these Sony drives. Thanks!



The drive is the same, but [B]the codeguys[/B] have different patched firmwares into their packages…