Firmware version?

Hi Everyone,

I’ve got a Sony DW-D26A Burner. How can I find out my drives current firmware?

Thank you in advance!


usually any burning software give this information.

With Nero infotool you can obtain a lot of information both about your drive and about your system :slight_smile:

nero cd-dvd speed shows it, but also any wrong firmware flasher, as it will tell you you don’t have the correct drive and then show the current drive’s info. btw, there are only two known firmwares: [I]JYS2[/I] and [I]JYS3[/I]

if you’re not happy with it’s current behavior:
your drive is a rebadged [I]Liteon SOHW-16[B]7[/B]3S[/I] and thus can be crossflashed to a [I]Liteon SOHW-16[B]9[/B]3S[/I]. there is no “best” firmware, but KS0B FBDX should be the best you can get out of this drive.