Firmware v1.06 for Pioneer DVR-108/DVR-A08 released



I just posted the article Firmware v1.06 for Pioneer DVR-108/DVR-A08 released.

While surfing the web, we spotted a new firmware for the Pioneer DVR-A08XLA(B,C) and DVR-108, DVR-108BK. The firmware at the moment is located on the Pioneer Japan site. …

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was anyone able to download the files? its giving me a “file not found” error:(


I just tried the link, and it works for me.


where can the DVR-108 or A08 be purchased in the U.S.??


Try search on , yesterday I sow lot of online sellers that have Pioneer DVR-108 OEM in stock, price $100-140.


I want that black one, that is HOT:g


Don’t forget this story is from Japan. I think those models are Japanese and the ones sold elsewhere will look different. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.


No you can get those exact same looking models here in Australia. You can also get the OEM versions which look very plain in comparison.


And where can the DVR-108/A08 be purchased in the EU? Do you know any online shop in te EU? The shipping cost from US is the same as the drive price itself, so it would be nice to find some EU source.
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Thank you, I wrote them to ask if they are able to dispatch it to Hungary (EU).


@FreqNasty - thanks for clearing that up, I didn’t know that.