Firmware V0457

Available through LiveUpdate.

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Does anybody knows what’s new in this version?
Can anyone tell which MIDs are supported by this version.
Many Thanks in advance.

Originally posted by Khr][st
Available through LiveUpdate.

Any ideas why BTC doesn’t issue a list of changes???


Is anyone having problems with the v0457 firmware update? I tried it and started having all kinds of strange problems (errors formatting R/W drives, programs unable to see my burner, etc). Went back to v0357 and everything works great again.

At leat for me the 0457 is the more stable version.
0357 coudn’t even finish my DVD+RW burns.

Strange. I’m having the opposite problem. Hard time formatting my +RW discs with v0457. I usually have to reboot at least once after the format attempt to get Roxio or DVDInfoPro to see the drive again. Also, the drive kept reverting to PIO mode with 0457. When I get past that, they seem to burn OK. With 0357, none of that happens.

I wonder if something corrupted during my FW update. I’ve never had a problem with any of the updates before. I’ll try re-installing 0457.

I wish I knew what changed between 0357 and 0457 (or any of the updates for that matter).