Firmware urban legend?

I bought the Pioneer 106 DVD Writer a scant week before the 107 was released (nice timing, that) for the sole reason that I read somewhere here that Pioneer were going to (eventually) release a firmware upgrade so that the 106 could burn dual-layer DVD’s. :slight_smile:

With so much news popping up about new release dual-layer drives that the news has shifted to who’s got the fastest DL Drive, has the planned firmware release been scrapped completely, or was I reading a rumor, and not an actual scheduled release? (I can’t really remember!) :confused:


Haven’t seen a nice firmware on this or this page. Perhaps they’re still to come ?

You often buy things on urban legend basis ? :bigsmile:

the rumors with the 106 started when Pioneer initially presented their dual-layer burning technology, in which they said that the drive they were using was a 106, which got everyone’s hopes up. more recently, they’ve said that it was a hardware-modified 106, which basically killed those hopes.