Firmware upgrading strangeness ...(5005)



Over time my 5005 has has certain things go bad -
worst is that it stopped working with +RW disks.
More recently - when I recorded audio the audio did not record and I jsut got noise …

I decided it was time to upgrade. I WAS using the hacked 1063 (giving me 3 hr and Macrovsion) before I tried this upgrade …

I put in my numbers and it gave me 1076 - I upgrade to 1076 and again punched in my numbers … and it gave me 1080 - so I upgraded to 1080 …

I know/or thought that I should be able to upgrade higher … but when I put in my 1080 number it did not offer me anything higher - is this a limit of my hardware? or sohuld I be able to use a “higher” upgrade?

Also I thought at a certain point I can do a “drive” FW upgrade as well - when (version) does THAT kick in - where do I find that?

is my situation normal.

I read on another post that someone thought is was more about the laser allignement and stretching springs - since everything worked and then stopped -maybe that is my real problem … - thoughts?



At present 080 is the latest firmware in this series. The last update should have given you 2 files:

  1. 080 which is the System upgrade and
  2. 1000 which is the drive update.

This is not always the case as drive updates are usually to increase compatibility with media or to add instruction to handle new media. System updates are the most frequent.


thanks - I had some idea (maybe wrong that there was a later version 1097 or so)
I also did NOT get a file for the drive upgrade - and this seems to be the one I need most - where cna I get that - shoudl it have been in the same ZIP file?


No, the Liteon site should have first offered you LNHCG080…zip then LNHC1000…zip with clear instructions to do the system first as it contains info for the drive before doing the drive update.

The 097 firmware versions are for other machines, notably the 5006, but they do mix them depending on the board and drive in the machines not the model number.

The only one that seems to have consistency in firmware numbers is the 5045 model.


so …

  1. how can I get the disk fw upgrade …

  2. do I need to roll back to 76 and do the drive UG first and THEN the other fw?


No, if you’ve already done the 80 system then you just need to do the 1000 drive update.

Go to the download site and enter your details as normal and download the file.


the web is NOT giving me the upgrade for the drive!!
can someone else send it to me?
Is it possible that becasue of my particular bersion I should not use the upgrade?


Whats your serial number and I’ll try to see what happens.