Firmware Upgrading Q's

hi, i got a IOMEGA ZIPCD3840INT CD-RW (12/10/32) and have found out its a rebadged Sanyo BP1300P. currently, my burner does not support DAO in cloneCD but with the latest Sanyo firmware, it adds DAO support. IOMEGA haven’t released a updated firmware for theirs so i was wondering is it possible to flash the sanyo firmware to my IOMEGA CD-RW??

thanks for any help

Maybe it’s possible, no experiance with this drive, but when things go wrong… maybe your drive can’t be reflashed anymore!

I thought the flash utility checks the id tag of the drive so would not allow you flash the eprom, maybe you could try try the zip utility with the sanyo firmware and force it

remember that a flashing error can be make a unusable unit…