Firmware Upgrade:

Hey all, I have a Memorex DL burner installed. I cannot remember the exact model number and when I look at the info in my hardware profile it just says, “Memorex DVD+/-DLRWL1F16”

My problem is, I am running into more and more media that my drive just will not recognize. It’s getting rather annoying so I am guessing it’s time for a firmware upgrade.

First, with the information that I am getting from the device manger can anyone tell me what firmware I need.

Second, can anyone just direct me to a good tutorial on flashing the firmware once I have it.

Many thanks to anyone who takes the time to assist.

Looks like your memorex F16 is a rebadged Liteon SOHW-1633s, which is good news. Check out this link.

Then take a look at the cdf Liteon forum…more info than you’ll ever need; firmware, utilities, guides, etc.
Here are a few links: