Firmware upgrade

hello guys, I see this is a great comunity, really huge :slight_smile:

well to get to my question - I’ve a DVDRW burner - LG GSA-4167B/DL11 (original from the store) and I would like to upgrade the firmware(I think DL13 is the latest). Well the problem is that I only have ONE IDE channel in my computer on which I have the DVDRW and a disk. well, their web page says it would be nice to put it on a separate cable, but since my very lame Intel board, it’s impossible. my question is --> can I upgrade the firmware without damaging the drive ?

thank you !

I cannot give you an exact answer as I’ve never tried flashing any LG writer connected on the same cable as a hard drive (I’m assuming that is what your setup is). However, I can tell you that many people, myself included, have flashed LG writers (including the 4167B) when it was connected together with another DVD-ROM drive or writer on the same cable, without problems. I have done this with an LG writer connected as both slave and master and it worked. LG’s instructions seem to be a “play safe” sort of measure.

yes that’s my configuration

well if anybody tried to do so, please let me know :slight_smile: