Firmware upgrade: WS04 -> WS05



Greetings to all LiteOn freaks out there!

I 've just bought a new LTR40125W with firmware WS04.
I want to upgrade to WS05 and I 'd like to know if there is a
good reason for NOT doing that (I will use my recorder to copy PSX - mainly - games).
Is there also a good reason for doing that (apart from keeping the firmware current)? I mean, will the quality of the copied disks be better (well, I understand this is a general question ): )?

Thanks in advance!


Drawbacks? None as far as I know…

Improved? Not much, a bit better media compatibility only…


I tried to upgrade my 40125w but with Nero (or Clone CD) and cdrw

ws01, ws03 -> 12x
ws05 -> 10x

Furthermore, i didn’t find any difference with the quality of burned CD

VS06 firmware is better.


OK guys, thanks a lot!
Seems I 'll stick with WS04!