Firmware upgrade problem... maybe

Two days ago i upgraded the firmware on my BenQ DVD LS DW1655. Since then, my burns have been EXTREMELY slow. My DMA is still on, but a normally 8 minute burn has turned into 30 minutes. This has happened two times so far.

I will test my other burner on the computer, an I/O Magic, and i will restart. But if anyone has any info that can lead it too the firmware upgrade, let me know. I don’t even know how to backtrack on the firmware… if that’s even possible.

you can try to remove the drive from device manager and let the computer reinstall it after a reboot, maybe this will help. if not, you can flash to a previous firmware. you only need BQFlasher and any previous firmware flasher executable you wish to flash to.
put bqflasher, the firmware.exe and an aspi .dll (e.g. frog aspi) in the same directory. start bqflasher, load the firmware, select the right drive and flash.

IIRC you can flash back and forth using stock flasher as long you are flashing the same type of drive (1655). :slight_smile:
No need to complicate things here and use BQFlasher.

But if you wanna flash 1650/1655 firmware on a I/O Magic drive then maybe BQFlasher can come to use.
Although, I still prefer a .CVT firmware and WinDWFlash. :smiley:

To bad I don’t know what “backtrack” means.

I can put BenQ firmware and apply it to my I/O Magic drive?

Do you guys think that it could be my firmware causing the problem?

Yes you can, just make sure that you are flashing with the correct BenQ firmware. Check the sticker on top of the drive for the BenQ model number.

Do you guys think that it could be my firmware causing the problem?
If you are having slow burn time, it’s most likely DMA problem. Please post Nero InfoTool log in

 tags here.

I know how to get my Nero InfoTool to work, i just don’t want to copy and paste 10 pages of diagnostics on this forum, what exactly should i paste?

Click on the floppy icon to save the InfoTool log.

After some others i have noticed having similar problems with their update, i’m going back to the BCGB firmware. They really dropped the ball on this update.