Firmware upgrade not working

I tried to update the firmware on my TSSTcorp TS-H553A DVD writer. The device gets hung up during this upgrade. Basically now the drive indicates that it is functioning correct under system/devices, but the light is always on and it will not respond. Ive tried uninstalling, letting the computer recognize and re-install. STill nothing. I have a new Dell XPS 410 running Vista. Has anyone seen this?

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It sounds like the flash hasn’t taken properly.
Not sure what you can do apart from trying to flash again. Maybe to the previous f/w.
But be warned quite often a case of a bad flash means drive is dead. SORRY!

I hope its not dead, its only a few months old. Ive tried numerous times to re-flash and the same thing happens. I get a “WAIT” message that doesn’t go away. I left this on all last night and after 10 hours, it still says “WAIT”.

Was there disc in the drive when you tried to upgrade the first time. If there was then your drive is probably dead. Cause if there is disc in the drive during the firmware upgrade process the drive tries to access the disc and the firmware flashing process doesn’t complete and your drive is dead.

NO, the drive was empty

if theres a dos based flasher available on the drive manufacturer site then give it a try , if not then i’d say its 100% dead

That is your problem. Test the drive in another computer and with a BETTER OS, even a Linux distro…

fortunately, there exists a DOS flasher - sfdndos.exe - but I am not sure if it will work with SATA drives. Also, a bootable USB stick has to be prepared since NTFS formatted HDD partitions are not accessible from DOS, and the firmware file is about 2MB in size.


BTW, which exact update were used for this drive and which firmware was on the drive before???