Firmware upgrade help

I downloaded the newest firmware for my Benq dw1655 from another thread. Inside the zip is an exe file. Can someone point me to instructions on what exactly to do with this file to upgrade hte firmware?

Doubleclick at the exe file, and it will update the firmware.

What’s the file name you have downloaded.

I would be careful to update firmware from some site you do not know, it can mess up your drive. If it is genuine BenQ update you can get it from there site. If it is some third party firmware, than it is up to you. Just like “jbv” say click on exe file and hope for the best.

Thanks- I searched the benq site for support for the drive but couldn’t find it.
I got the original download from the benq section of these forums.

Click on the address from “ROPC” it will get you to your drive updates, there is also down loadable guide how to flash. If your file is not there I would suggest it is not original.
Mind you some drives can be cross flashed with other firmware, but it is risky.