Firmware upgrade gone bad

i’ve tryied to upgrade the firmware for my nec 2510a dvd-rw(to 2.16) but i got a flash error…
now the dvd-r is not responding at all
What can i do?
(if re-flashing is the solution how can i do it…i don’t have any respond from the dvd-r)

Try this link:
Maybe the manual will help you…

thanks, i’ve already downloaded the manual
nothing special that could help me

I just tried flashing my older NEC 1100A…same problem. Almost finished with the update and then got an error. Tried reselecting the drive and tried again and nothing happened. Did a power down and back up and now just have the activation light that flashes.

Anyone know if there is a way to reset or dump and add a new firmware? Already ordered another drive but wouldn’t mind throwing this one on another computer instead of using it as a paperweight.