Firmware upgrade for SRD3900?

I recently bought a Sylvania SRD3900 dvd/vcr combo at Amazon. Seems it will not play dual layer disks. I called Sylvania support, they said I need a firmware upgrade, but since this model was mfd for Sears, that is who I need to contact. I’ve emailed them, but they don’t reply. Does anyone know where I can get this firmware upgrade? Newbie question: Is this really the cause of my problem? Is a firmware upgrade what I need?

Many thanks for any help with this.

What DL discs have you tried with??

Firmware upgrades aren’t very common for standalone players… Setting the booktype for your writer for +R DL to -ROM would probably be the first thing to try, if you haven’t already.


what DL medi ahave you tried with?
If not, from where do you have the info that DL wouldn’t work with your device??

According to manual this combo is able to play DVD video discs. (ofcourse also DL DVD-ROM).

Please contact Funai Customer Support at 800-968-3429 for further assistance.

Thanks to all who replied. The disks I’ve tried are just popular movie DVDs that my son checks out of the library. Many movies work fine; every time I’ve had a movie fail to play properly, it turns out to be a DL disk.

I did contact Funai support, but they are the ones who referred me to Sears, saying that I need an upgrade, but that they can’t help because this player is a model produced for Sears. Sears support hasn’t replied to my emails, so I’ll try calling their local repair center & see if I get anywhere.

Thanks again chef, pinto2 & tehGrue.

Not much info here, only similar drives:

If it’s failing on pressed discs, it’s probably time for a new DVD player.

My apologies for not getting back to this site for awhile. I’m not sure why the problem seems to have resolved itself, but it has. My son checked a bunch of dual layer movies out of the library a few weeks after my last post. Some worked, a few did not. We played the ones that worked, then later in the week went back & tried the others again. They worked, and we haven’t had a problem since.

Once again, I appreciate the replies from everyone here. Thanks.