Firmware Upgrade for Sony DWU-18A VS. DRU-530A

I have the Sony DWU-18A and since it is the OEM of the DRU-530A I was wondering if the firmware for the DRU-530A works for this? Has anyone tried? If not, is there any upgrade for the DWU-18A?

Maybe the DWU-18A works well without any upgrade and someone could shed some light on this model vs the DRU-530A and performance.

Thanks for any input you can give me on this.

Sony DWU-18A is actually a rebadged/OEM from LiteOn (812 I believe), so you should look for alternative firmware in the LiteOn direction NOT DRU-530A, which is actually OEM from a different company - AccessTek aka OptorRite.

Hey thanks for the info “cychou”, I appreciate the response, it is a big help.