Firmware upgrade for Sony DRU-700a

Hi there.
I was trying to upgrade the formware using the 832S.CY58.patched-cf.rar downloaded from

But when I do that I get the error message telling me to contact the vendor.
So I dont get to upgrade it.

Anyone here that can help?


maybe you have an oem, what firmware is currently on the drive?

oem firmware doesn’t matter when using crossflash patched firmware.
nvidia ide drivers or faulty aspi/system files can cause this message.
uninstall the nvidia drivers, if you have them installed, and reboot your pc.
if you don’t have these drivers, remove aspi with killaspi.

btw: CG5J is newer, flash with "832S.CG5J.patched-cf-sonyid.exe included in the archive.