Firmware upgrade for PX4824TU on European Site but Not US site?

I don’t get it? why is there a firmware upgrade Ver. 1.01 for the new Plextor PX-W4824TA/TU Burner on the European Plextor website but not on the US website? (I’m in Canada by the way).

It’s the same drive right? regardless of where you buy it? So the European firmware upgrade should work on my drive despite the fact that it’s a North American product correct?

On a semi-related topic, it sure seems that Plextor is screwing the North American market to some extent considering PlexTools isn’t bundled with our drives, (although I have a copy anyways thanks to these forums). The software bundle isn’t nearly as robust here as it is in Europe, (you get Nero while we get EZ-Coaster Creator). European drives are usually bundled with 5 Blank CD’s, we get 2, (One CD-R, one CD-RW). And lastly Europeans get a full 2-Year Warranty, whereas We get a 1-year.

So is it just me? Or is there a Conspiracy or something at work here?

Thank you for your time… :bigsmile:

The firmware upgrade should/will work for all Plextor drives regardless where you bought it. The hardware is the same although you’re absolutely right to say that people outside Europe aren’t very lucky with the software package. The European PlexTools seems a far better tool than Plextor Manager (haven’t used the latter, judging from reactions)… Don’t know why that is. Plextor Europe and Plextor America both have their own marketing strategies. I’m just happy I live in The Netherlands so we get all the goodies :wink: