Firmware upgrade for NR-9300A CD-RW

Hi Guys,

I have this particular model of CD-RW in my old Dell machine and Dell does not have a firmware update for it on their site. I downloaded the latest firmware version 2.12, however the ReadMe file provided with the download states “This update will only work with original NEC ND-9300A “RETAIL” devices, not with OEM versions from HP, PB, MEDION, DELL, Gateway etc.” Why it says ND and not NR I have no idea. Every version 2.12 I’ve found says the same thing. Furthermore, when I run the NEC Firmware Flash Utility, I receive an error that states “Target NEC NR-9300A is not found correctly”. I’m just running the utility within the Windows XP GUI.

The drive itself has been running erratic lately as well as slower, so I’d really like to update the firmware to see if this fixes the problem. As of right now, it just has the standard Windows Publisher Driver 5.1.2535.0 with a driver date of 7/1/2001. The newest firmware previously mentioned(2.12) is 3 years newer. If anyone has any ideas on how I might update this drive I sure would appreciate it. Otherwise I’m just left with replacing it, and I really can’t afford that right now. Thanx in advance.