Firmware upgrade failure

While upgradin’ the firmware of my LG GCE-8526B the computer didn’t respond so I restarted the computer,eversince then the comp. has never detected the drive. :sad: Please give me a solution as early as possible :bow:

You need to tell us a little more.
What firmware did you use?
Explain the steps and any dialogue the flash program used?
Can the drive be seen by the motherboard bios at boot up?
Ps this is the wrong sub forum to post the question in but never fear one of the mods will move it.

Never for any reason turn off or reboot a PC while flashing firmware! Always, always, always wait for confirmation that the flash succeeded!

You more than likely killed your drive. Chalk it up to a lesson learned as others have before you.

If your BIOS can see it, you will have to re-flashed in a DOS enviroment. Check the LG forum for more specifics.

I completlly agree with jhtalisman, you probably killed the bios on your drive. Never, ever shut down the computer during a bios flash (for drives or motherboards or anything). Some drives can be recovered from a bad bios flash, others cannot. Check the lg forum to see if yours can. IF it hangs, leave it and hope to god it unhangs (never reboot).

I went to get you links to the lg forum and the faq (many dont read the faq stickies, but the drive specific faq’s here rock so I always link to those too). So I just looked (bios flashing is easy to find in the faq, like I said, they rock, so I just looked). Aparentlly lg drives have a safe mode that trys to prevent a bad flash. Your drive may not be detected buy windows but may have been protected from a bad flash. If it wasn’t, you are screwed, you cannot reflash an lg with a dead bios.
Look here
and then here

best of luck, firmware flashes are so safe, it kills me to see someone loose a drive to one (almost always caused by power falure, system hang, or other extreme circumstances). Fyi, if your system hung while doing it, I might look and see if there was a cause for the system hang (like the power supply or a defective component).

It is not detected by the BIOS. :sad:

i used the firmware GCE-8526B only.But the computer hung while the firmware upgrade.

Did you buy this drive separately from a computer or did it come with a PC? How long ago? You [B]may[/B] be able to exchange it at the store or website where you bought it, or have the PC manufacturer replace it. Just depends on whom you have to deal with, but most drive manufacturers do state that flashing firmware is at your own risk.

Then it’s time for a new drive. :frowning:

I could be wrong here, but I had always thought that only modified firmware would void your warranty, and official firmware would not?

I believe manufacturers relieved there responsibilty due to unstable flashing enviroment (PC, power outage, etc) that could cause a bad flash.

I took it saperately.

Is there any way i can make it work :frowning: .Should I have to replace the mother board of the CD-RW drive :doh: .How much will it cost :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: .

Nah, just replace the drive. Repairing it would probably cost more than a new drive.

So,ok i’ve decieded to buy a CD RW drive.Which one should I buy in SONY,SAMSUNG,LG OR LITE-ON.

If it were me, I’d go for another LG, or a LiteOn CDRW. I’m quite partial to LG CDRWs (they seem to produce lovely burns, with good jitter levels), don’t let a bad flash put you off. :slight_smile:

Just my own opinions :wink:

Plextor Premium 2 is the “new kid in the block”, maybe not to the cheap side but with a lot of features…and Plextor is considered as being very good when it comes to CD drives.

And you can read the reviews and pick what you like. I think we all have fried a drive hear or there.When you decide to flash. I think that the waranty will only apply if tech support asked you to.
On the up side you will have a new drive.


There’s another thing to do.

Check this software called MtkWinFlash at MtkWinFlash
[I]“This Windows utility will flash most Mediatek chip based ATAPI DVD-ROM and CDRW drives. It supports all single file firmware in BIN and HEX format.”

Well, nothing new but if you keep reading…

[I]“Direct IDE port mode. This mode sends the binary firmware to the IDE port you tell it to. It means you can now flash recognized or unrecognized drives! You can now recover dead drives simply in Windows”[/I]

Of course, you’ll have to know on which IDE port the drive is connected and you’ll have to be extremely careful to select the correct port. If you know about computers you should know what is primary IDE, secondary IDE, MAster and slave. So you can get the firmware from internet and flash it with thi program.

That’s what I did. I had the same firmware upgrde failure problem. With the help of this software I finally recovered my GCE-8526B burner!. :slight_smile:

If, then Mtkflash in REAL DOS should be used.

Mtkwinflash will most likely not help.

Yea I got to agree with that ,Good luck .