Firmware upgrade failure... am I screwed

I was upgrading the firmware on my Dell 8600 GCA-4040N DVD-Burner.

The upgrade failed in the middle of the upgrade and now it is an unrecognized by my machine. I tried reapplying the previous firmware but the drive is no longer found.

Is there anyway to repair this or do I have a nice paper weight now?

Hmm… what kind of drive is it underneath the Dell logo? Figure that out, and ask in that forum. I say this because for example drives based on Lite-On can USUALLY be rescued when this happens, you just use the dos-mode flasher and tell it to force flash to a particular channel regardless of whether it sees the drive or not. I know some other drives have similar utilities… but no way to help you until we figure out who makes the drive for Dell.

Windows did show it as HL-DT-ST DVD+RW GCA-4040N. I think this is Hitachi - LG. I will look to what I can find for a DOS flash utility.


It’s dead, Jim.

I do not know of any recovery methods for the kind of chipset used by the 4040N.