Firmware upgrade failed.The flash memory's gone?

I’m afraid I’ve ruined the flash memory trying to upgrade the firmware of my CD RW LITEON and I don’t know what to do.
Someone told me to look for this program “mtkflash” but I don’t kno where to get it.
Can someone send it to me (, even the link is OK.
I hope my CD RW is not dead forever !
M@X :frowning:

What about checking out the sticky threads first?

I even have a guide on how to use it…

How can I extract the BIN file from the windows package that is available on LITEON site ?
I need the BIN file to be used with MTKFLASH.
So far I’ve tried the BIN file that OC-Freak kindly suggested on his tutorial, but I got an error message " File version mismatched" ( as described in my previous post).
So perhaps with another file, things may be better.
If someone has the original BIN file for LTR 16102B, I’d appreciate it !