Firmware updating



I have a Lite-on iHas422 8 9999. I have found firmware for this
burner but when trying to flash it keeps saying no matching drives found even though it’s exactly the same drive except mine shows with the extra 9999 at the end and i don’t know where or why I have the 9999. Can anyone explain this or know where I can get correct newer firmware? I get this also happening with my iHes208 trying to upgrade it’s firmware. I need to upgrade the firmware because I can burn DVD9 DL media but then the drive refuses to read it after the burn, but it is readable in the iHes208, go figure. Also if anyone has firmware for the iHes208 to be able to read BD-DL at 8X


Its not “exactly the same drive” because otherwise the flasher would have flashed the drive.
Even burning some media successfully doesnt mean the burn was good. Scan the disc in the drive that recognizes it…


To solve the 9999 id problem, read


Thanks ala42, that did the trick. I was a driver issue with my addon Sata card which both of my optical drivers are connected to. :clap: However I still have the issue with my iHas422 with 4L18 fw, and this windata DL media. The drive detects the blank media fine, burns it fine, verifies the burn with no errors, then after the burn it ejects the media and then when the media is re-inserted the drive grinds and grinds trying to read the disk but can’t. I eject the media and insert in into my other drive (iHes208) and it reads fine.
Any ideas? TIA